Original Product Image Description Width & Specification Main Features
BONDING CUSHION GUM - PREMIUM QUALITY Manufactured from Sri Lankan quality Natural Rubber for excellent tack adhesion properties and for longer shelf life(2-3 months). Can provide in any width sizes (storage between 18-22 oC) High adhesion, excellent tackiness and durability. Curing temperature - 110°C – 115°C – 120°C at ± 2½ - 3 hours
CAMEL BACK - PREMIUM QUALITY Premium quality Camelback is manufactured as per the needs and specifications of the customers with good shelf life and tread wear properties. The sizes are available for Cars, LCV, HCV, Tractor and OTR Tyres
CEMENT SOLUTION - PREMIUM QUALITY Premium quality cement solution dissolve in pure benzoline that act as a supper strong bonding agent for any kind of vulcanize rubber. (storage between 18-22 oC) Viscosity can be customized as per the customer requirement