AMW is the biggest provide of custom compounding services in Sri Lanka, catering to world class polymer product manufacturers both in Sri Lanka as well as overseas. Our state of the art factory is capable of manufacturing both master batches as well as final, sulphured compound to meet the most stringent of quality criteria set by our customers. We also accommodate special delivery requirements such as strip cutting, sheet cutting, bale form delivery etc. Our in-house team of polymer experts work closely with customers in developing customer requirements and continuously improving quality of compounds.

Product Features

Capability to mix a wide range of rubber compound which include master batches and finished compounds for different applications.
Both continuous lengths and cut pieces of different dimensions can be supplied.
Product code and other necessary information are marked on the compound sheet itself.
Rheological properties and physical test reports are provided together with compound (either physical or electronic form)
Stringent process controlling to ensure zero deviations from specification.

Machineries Available

Russian (Bolshevick) and Bainite Internal Mixers of Capacity 270 Litres (Tangential Type)
Internal Mixers are Manufactured with modern design features to match International standards and can be easily compared with the best products available globally

Our Customers

Currently our esteemed and satisfied customers in Sri Lanka include large scale manufacturers of solid tyres, industrial pneumatic tyres, automotive tyres to world markets and manufacturers of Industrial, Technical and General application rubber products for export markets in USA, European countries and South Asian countries.

Types of Compounds

Rubber compounds based on natural rubber, different polymers blends of NR/PBR, NR/SBR, NR/PBR/SBR, and compounds based on Nitrile rubber (NBR), Chloroprene rubber & EPDM are covered in our product range.

We deliver TRUST and VALUE to our customers :

Expert Technical and R&D Teams who carry extensive industry experience.
Well qualified and experienced Process engineers and Technicians.
Skilled and well trained factory workers
ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management system and ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management system covering the entire value chain from supplier to customer.
Reliability and consistency of product quality.
Incorporating the voice of customer to the product and statistical process control mechanism to enable continuous improvement.
Strict pre-delivery inspection and efficient delivery service.
Guaranteeing confidentiality on customer’s formulae and other Technical specifications.
Every batch has complete traceability records test buttons and slab for verifications.

Packaging materials :

Stored in Wooden crates and wrapped with stretched polythene
Stored on Wooden pallets and wrapped with stretched polythene
Stored on Plastic pallets and wrapped with stretched polythene

Laboratory facilities available

Rhelogical properties
Mooney viscosity
Specific Gravity
Dispersion Index
Moisture Analysis